The Life Teammates 2019 Scholarship Winners

Will To Live Foundation Life Teammates Scholarship Winners 2018-2019!

An Award that is truly “For the kids, through the kids, by the kids”

Congratulations to each winners of the 2018- 2019 school year Life Teammate Scholarship award – You have been recognized by your peers!  Always remember a compliment from a teammate means so much more than a compliment from a coach!   We know you’ll be great ambassadors of the Will to Live Foundation as you begin this exciting new phase of your lives!

Will To Live Foundation Co-Founder John Trautwein presents the Life Teammates Scholarships at the Fine Arts Banquet in May 2019.  This year 20 scholarships were given to students voted on by their peers!  Since the Will To Live Foundation began, over 120 students have been awarded the Life Teammates Scholarship.

Read more about the Life Teammates Scholarship program.



NVHS  Swim & Dive: Nidhi Pai

(GA Tech)

NVHS Lacrosse: Leigha Whitridge (University of Alabama) pictured with John Trautwein of WTL

NVHS Drama: Kabir Gandhi (Indian University)

NVHS Baseball: Jaysen Dower (Chattahoochee Valley CC) Northwestern University Baseball Paul Steven’s Life Teammate Award: Jack Dunn – pictured with John & Susie Trautwein   

NVHS NVHS Lacrosse:  Colin Ferguson (Louisiana State University) pictured with Susie Trautwein of WTL

Chattahoochee high Women’s Lacrosse: Hailey Morash (University of Tennessee)

NVHS Swim and Dive: Cam Auerbah (University of Alabama)


NVHS Cross Country: Amanda Beard (GA College and State University), Harman Soor (Purdue University)

NVHS Basketball: Mitchel Alex (Kennesaw State University)

NVHS  Football: Will Caylor (Georgia College)

NVHS Volleyball: Morgan White (University of S. Carolina)
NVHS Soccer: Josh Belodoff (University of GA)  

NVHS Orchestra: Matthew Jung (Berklee College of Music)

NVHS Band: Caroline Davie (University of GA)

NVHS Chorus: Simrita Jesthi (Case Western University)   Centennial High Lacrosse – In Honor of Jamie McHenry –

Brett Meskill  (Sacred Heart University) pictured with the McHenry Family

NVHS Basketball: Jordyn Lilly (Palm Beach State University)

Not Pictured: Erin Jackson: NVHS Cheer: GA Southern

Grace Erikson: NVHS Soccer: University of GA

For more information on the Will To Live Foundation’s Life Teammates Scholarship Program – please click here!

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