Life Teammate® Scholarship 2013


The Winners Of The 2013 Life Teammate Award & Scholarship:

Men’s Lacrosse: Kevin Colton (West Point, Academy)

Woman’s Lacrosse: Price Gardner (GA Southern University)

Men’s Baseball: Kevin Simmons (Kennesaw State University)

Woman’s Soccer: Casey Grippando (University of GA)

Men’s Soccer: Kevin Lee (University of GA)

Girls Basketball: Connie Estevez (Oberlin College)

Boy’s Basketball: Pacer Mallela (GA Tech)

Wrestling: Justin Williams (University Of The Cumberland’s)

Swim & Diving: Sam Hendricks (University of GA)

Volleyball: Caroline Skjoedt (University of S. Carolina)

The Will To Live Foundation, Inc., in keeping with its mission, its principles and its motto of “For the Kids, Through the Kids, By the Kids,” is very pleased to announce the winners of the third annual “Life Teammates Award & Scholarship.”

Once again, this year’s winners from Northview High School were selected by their peers and Life Teammates at the end of the 2012/2013 school year.

“We were so pleased to be able to expand the “Life Teammates” scholarship award to 10 sports programs at Northview High this year” said John Trautwein, who along with his wife Susie formed the Will To Live Foundation to spread the awareness of teen suicide after their son Will, a freshman at Northview High School, took his own life in October of 2010.

Each winner, a senior men’s or woman’s student athlete at Northview High School, was presented with a $1,000 scholarship to put towards their college tuition for the 2013 and 2014 school year!

Introducing the 2013 Life Teammate Scholarship Award Winners!


Winner Sports Winners: Justin Williams (Wrestling), Connie Estevez (Girls Hoops), Pacer Mallela (Boys Hoops) & Sam Hendricks (Swim & Diving)


John Trautwein and Mens Soccer Winner – Kevin Lee


Susie Trautwein with Baseball winner Kevin Simmons


Susie & John Trautwein with Volleyball winner Caroline Skjoedt


John Trautwein with Girls Soccer Winner Casey Grippando


Susie & John Trautwein with Woman’s Lax winner Price Gardner


Susie & John Trautwein with Men’s Lacrosse winner – Kevin Colton


More About The Life Teammate Scholarship Award

The 2013 Life Teammate Award & Scholarship winners were selected not only by their varsity teammates, but also by the entire program from freshman through seniors. Their teammates felt these seniors were the ones who truly embodied the spirit of what a Life Teammate is while best exemplifying the following Life Teammate characteristics:

  • Is a leader on and off the field and is always an example of excellent sportsmanship.
  • Understands his or her role as a leader before the game, during the game & after the game – whether it be on the field, on the sidelines, on the bus or in the locker room.
  • Always commands the respect of his or her peers, opponents, referees, coaches, teachers and parents as well as teammates.
  • Is an excellent example to the youth of the game – motivating, inspiring and caring for the younger players in the program as well as his or her own teammates.
  • Always puts “Team” above “Self” and tries hard to help struggling teammates find the good – on and off the field.
  • Loves the game – Loves being on the team – and is loved by his or her teammates.

We look forward to awarding the 2014 winners next summer!

The Life Teammates® Scholarship Award is made possible by the wonderful donations made to the Will To Live Foundation by Life Teammates all over the world. The Foundation is so thankful and grateful to be able to work for and through the kids of our community to enable this program to exist!

Click Here for more information about the Will To Live Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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