Team Will To Live Impacts The Ripken Experience!


“Having Teams like “Team Will To Live” at the Ripken Experience is one of the reasons why I enjoy working for Ripken. This team, their fellowship and what they stand for, makes our event even better.”

For one wonderful week “on the beach” (June 2013), the 13U “Team Will To Live” Baseball group enjoyed the fabulous opportunity to play in the “Ripken Experience.” Over 60 teams from all over the country were there to play ball at the beautiful facilities in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Preaching the Life Teammates message of the Will To Live Foundation, Team WTL made a positive impact wherever they went at Ripken. They were continually answering the question “What does ‘Will To Live stand for?'” Happily explaining the story behind Will To Live and most importantly our message of loving your teammates on and off the field – as they will be your teammates for life.

“I Love the message Team Will To Live passed along to all the other participants in Myrtle Beach. I hope they make the Ripken Experience a Regular Trip.

– Joe Mulinaro (Sales Mgr Ripken Baseball) pictured with Team WTL


After ballgames are over, Team Will To Live gathers on the mound with the opposing team and talks about the Life Teammate concept and what it means to be there for each other during these difficult teenage years. Not only on the field and in the dugout, but outside the game as well.

“The trip to Ripken will be remembered forever! This was not only a positive experience for the the boys but for parents too. To see the impact of this message that this foundation is depositing into lives all around us, young and old, is simply amazing. Thank you Team Will-to-Live and to everyone that made this trip memorable. Love Ya Man!

– Sonya Jordan (Team Mom)