Team WTL – Back To The Beach

WTL Goes 4-2 On The Field and 10-0 off … the Life Teammates Message Returns to Ripken!

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 Myrtle Beach – 2014

Once again Team Will To Live Baseball is carrying the Life Teammates message wherever they go.  Motivated by the “love ya man” message of the Will To Live Foundation, that was founded after Will Trautwein, the older brother of Team Will to Live’s Catcher, Michael Trautwein and son of assistant coach John Trautwein, took his own life in October of 2010.   Committed to working with teens and young adults to help them recognize the love in their lives, and spreading the awareness and education of Teen Suicide across the nation, The WTL Foundation has made a positive impact on teens and families across the country.

Team Will To Live’s head coach is Rob Lowenthal who is in his second year representing Will To Live and is also a board member of the Will To Live Foundation.   “These young men have become true ambassadors for the Will To Live Foundation and have done an absolutely wonderful job of spreading our Life Teammates / Love Ya Man message to teams across the state of GA this spring.  What makes the Ripken experience so fun, is they now get to talk about “loving your teammates” on and off the field to teams from across the country -once again, Team Will To Live showed everyone that it’s so much more than just about baseball – I was proud to be a part of it”

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IMG_4651“Remember – good ball clubs always do the little things boys”- Billy Ripken (back row left with Team WTL)

“I Love the message Team Will To Live passed along to all the other participants in Myrtle Beach. I hope they make the Ripken Experience a Regular Trip.

– Joe Mulinaro Sales Mgr Ripken Baseball


Game after Game, Team Will To Live Spreads The “Life Teammates Message” of Loving Your Teammates On and Off The Field

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