Will To Live Foundation The Big Ten Network’s “LiveBIG”

LiveBIG is a campaign from the Big Ten Network that recognizes being part of the Big Ten means giving back to our community, in a big way. Many of the qualities that make Big Ten teams successful on the field are the same that help members of the Big Ten community make a difference off the field. Dedication, hard work, putting in the time and working together toward a higher goal are what makes the Big Ten community special.


Will To Live Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is committed to working with and for the kids to spread the message of teen suicide awareness in our communities.

logo-livebigIn just 11 months, the Will To Live Foundation has become a voice for teens and young adults everywhere. With a motto of “for the kids, through the kids, by the kids,” the foundation strives to improve the “will to live” of teens everywhere by giving them the opportunity to work together, creating true friendship bonds that the foundation calls “Life Teammates™” and encourages these kids to recognize that these Life Teammates exist today in their lives.

The Big10 Network’s LiveBIG program is aired during the fall football season, and John Trautwein and his family’s story was filmed on campus at Northwestern over the 4th of July holiday when Northwestern hosted the “Northwestern University Will To Live Invitational baseball tournament”.

The BTN will air John’s Story on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 7:30pm – Don’t miss it!

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