Will to Live Bow Tie To Raise Money with Fox Sports



Ken Rosenthal Honors Will To Live a Second Time – Wears WTL Bow Tie During Red Sox / Yankees Game of The Week

National Suicide Prevention Week concluded on Saturday the 14th of September, 2013. The Will To Live Foundation, was once again busy spreading awareness that day, as it had been the whole week.

It’s highly successful WillStock Music Festival kicked the week off on Saturday night the 7th of September in Johns Creek GA (Northview High School) with over 1000 people joining in and enjoying the teenage rock festival. On Saturday the 14th, the foundation helped conclude the week with a “Life Teammate” interview at Fenway Park in Boston.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports Television, once again donned the beautiful and cleverly designed Will To Live Bow Tie while hosting the nationally televised game between the host Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees on Fox Sports Television’s “Baseball Game Of The Week.”

WTL President John Trautwein along with his son Michael and daughter Holyn, who’s drawing was the basis for the Bow Tie design, accompanied him.

“The foundation, is again so honored that Ken has chosen us to be a part of his “bow tie cause” again this year” said Trautwein. “The fact that Ken wore “our tie” at Fenway Park, where I was so lucky to have played, and at a game vs. the Yankees, where my own Life Teammate, Joe Girardi is the manager makes it such a wonderful experience for not only the foundation but for me personally. Joe, the Yankees, and the Red Sox have all been great supporters of our cause!”

Once again the WTL bow tie will be available for purchase!

Ken Rosenthal wears bow ties every week on behalf of Bow Tie Cause, the non profit organization that has represented charities and nonprofits for several years now in the form of bow ties. You can find out more about Bow Tie Cause by visiting their website at www.bowtiecause.com

Will-and-Holyn Holyn Trautwein (right), with big brother Will who took his own life in October of 2010.  Will’s death stunned and devastated a family and a community. It was Holyn’s drawing that was done just weeks after her brother’s death, that inspired the Will To Live bow tie.

Click here to read Ken Rosenthal’s excellent article on The Will to Live Foundation

Fox-Interview-Bow-Tie WTL founders John and Susie Trautwein seen here being interviewed in August 2012 by Ken Rosenthal along with John’s good friend and former college teammate Joe Girardi. Click Here to See Ken’s Interview of John and Susie and Joe Girardi at Yankee Stadium!

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