100 Days Of Hope

100 Days Of Hope

Will to Live’s 100 “Life Teammate Messages of Hope”

2020 – the 10th year of the Will To Live Foundation, has become the most difficult year on record – for all of us!  Never in history has the need for mental wellness been so great.  Never in history has their been a greater need for companionship and the Delivering of Hope to each other.  Never has the concept of being a true Life Teammate been more real. 

Thus, the Will To Live Foundation created the concept of “100 Days of Hope” – a daily post – a daily message – a daily reminder that we all need help – we all have a story.

A Tool For Navigating Through The Pandemic of 2020 

See all 100 Messages posted from April through July 2020 below (or click slide show)

As part of 10 Years of Delivering Hope

We’d like to share John Trautwein’s speech at the acclaimed Nantucket Project 2019