The Vision & Mission of WTL

Our Vision:   

To be a positive & motivational resource for teens, young adults, and their families, in the global fight against teen suicide, depression and the stigma surrounding mental illness in our communities.

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Our Mission: (of love, hope & the Will To Live)

“We are dedicated to raising the awareness of teen suicide and mental illness in our communities. Through education, motivation, fellowship and most importantly love, we will motivate these young adults to recognize the power they have to deliver hope and understanding to each other – increasing their own Will To Live in doing so.”

Together we are creating a culture where it is simply “Okay to not be Okay”

We achieve this mission by:

RAISING AWARENESS (of teen suicide in our communities)

INCREASING EDUCATION (of mental illnesses like depression & their stigmas)

DELIVERING HOPE (to teens everywhere through our Life Teammates® programs)



“For the Kids, Through The Kids, By The Kids”

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“The kids of the Will To Live Foundation prove to us everyday, that one of the greatest sources of HOPE in our lives, is through the LOVE of a Friend”

– John Trautwein, WTL Co-Founder