Will To Live Funds SOS

Will To Live Is A Major Sponsor and Investor In MindWise Innovation’s

Signs of Suicide Program


Fighting For Mental Health Awareness & Education During The Pandemic

View here the High School Program Signs of Suicide Video from MindWise Innovations!




The past few years have been the most difficult year that most of us can remember. With the start of a world wide pandemic that crippled the country’s economy, cost the lives of thousands, and forced an entire nation to completely change their ways – affecting everyone. Then we add racial injustice, and an incredibly controversial and divisive presidential election, we find ourselves in a period of uncertainty that we have never experienced before.

Teaching All Of Us to “A.C.T” – Acknowledge, Care & Tell (A Trusted Adult)

Before the pandemic ever began, mental illness was rising and so prevalent in our country that 1 in 5 of the people we know suffer from depression or some other form of diagnosable mental illness. Today, it’s worse – for all of us – and especially the young people in our lives. Ripped out of school, extra curricular activities put on hold, sports seasons and entertainment shows cancelled. Having to go to school from elementary through college – on line – from your bedroom – has lead to a massive increase in stress, anxiety and depression – all of which can and often do, lead to suicide.

This is why The Will To Live Foundation are so pleased that we have been able to use the wonderful donations that our Life Teammates have given so generously, to implement and fund the acclaimed Signs of Suicide (SOS) program in high schools all over America. Through our partnership with MindWise Innovations (formerly Screening For Mental Health) that began in 2011, we have been able to fund this wonderful program in hundreds and hundreds of high school systems across America. The number of students reached through these new programs alone is estimated at over 40,000 students each year! This is in addition to the hundreds of other school systems that Will To Live has supported since they began the program in Fulton County Schools in Atlanta in 2012 (over 100 schools alone) that is still utilizing the program today.

“Our relationship with the team at MindWise Innovations, has become one of the most important vehicles of the Will To Live Foundation’s Education and Awareness Program. To be able to educate the trusted adults in the lives of these kids, whether it be teachers, coaches, administrators or parents, this program leads to a better understanding and more trusted relationships in the lives of these kids. A culture of “talking about it” gets created, something that we feel did not exist when we lost our son Will 11 years ago (October 2010).”

– John Trautwein (Co-founder of Will To Live)

The team at MindWise Innovations, recently did an expose on the Will To Live Foundation with their recent blog, including of a video of John Trautwein explaining how the foundation came to be. Click here to view:

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