The Will To Live Foundation, in keeping with its mission of working with and through the kids of our community to help them improve their Will To Live – has introduced the “My Life Teammates” program.

We all have Teammates in our lives. Someone we share or have shared a dream with – someone we go through successes and failures with. The Life Teammates Program teaches the kids to RECOGNIZE THOSE LIFE TEAMMATES® NOW.

They are your Life Friends – always there for you – and you always there for them! On & Off The Field!

By wearing the Will To Live “Life Teammate” helmet decals and sharing with their opponents, they are also spreading the important message of “love your teammates and you will love the game.”

“Good Teams may win, but great teams love each other”

– John Trautwein


All we ask is that you love your players and teach them to love their teammates on and off the field!

Click Here to View or Download the “Life Teammates Program”