National Life Teammates Day

Will To Live’s Very Own Day


For the rest of our lives will be:

National Life Teammates Day

A day for all of us to Deliver Hope to our Life Teammates!

October 14th – A Day To Honor Your Teammates!
Drop a Love Ya Man on a friend and improve your Will to Live!




“We here at Will To Live are so excited that October 14th, the last day of Will Trautwein’s life, will forever be “NATIONAL LIFE TEAMMATES DAY”. 
Will was a great teammate, who truly rejoiced in the success of his friends.  Every morning, he and his friends would gather before school in a circle and do a “LOVE YA MAN” fist bump.   Our Life Teammates message was inspired by the way Will lived his life and loved his teammates.  You can imagine just how much this Life Teammates Day means to all of us here at Will To Live”
– John Trautwein, Co-founder, Will to Live Foundation

What Is A Life Teammate? Watch Here!

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