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The “Life Teammates – Love Ya Man” Message is Helping to

Create a Culture In Our Communities Where It’s:

OKAY To Not Be OKAY – so lets talk about it:

The Will To Live Foundation’s President and Co-Founder, John Trautwein, has given over 500 speeches to teams, families, students of middle schools and high schools, Church groups, youth groups, coaches, parents and counselors alike, since the Foundation began in late 2010.   His message of love, hope and the importance of recognizing the Life Teammates that exist in your life today, has been extremely well received.

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Will To Live’s Presenting Sponsor Speech at This year’s Summit Gala

John Trautwein’s Why We’re Here Speech

“I have had the pleasure of seeing John speak on three occasions. WOW what a message! As a coach and financial services professional for over 30 plus years I have seen hundreds of prominent CEO’s, Keynote Speakers and College and Professional Coaches speak. John is hands down one of my top three speakers I have had the pleasure to witness. His thoughtful and moving presentation is incredible and he hits all the positive notes you want to aspire to as a coach and mentor of young people. Go and see him as soon as you can!”

– Lou Corsetti,  Coaching Coordinator, Atlanta Youth Lacrosse, US Lacrosse Convention Committee Chair 2011, 12, Georgia Lacrosse Hall of Fame Member

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  1. FEB 4 : The 13th Running of the Where There’s A Will There’s A Way 5K 
  2. FEB 12: YMSL Life Teammates Presentation – Centennial High 
  3. FEB 16:  Life Teammates Scholarship Pres : NVHS Swimming
  4. MAR 1: Life Teammate Scholarship Pres; NVHS Cheer
  5. MAR 16: Life Teammate Presentation Rollins College Lacrosse Program
  6. MAR 22: Life Teammate Presentation Marist High Students 
  7. MAR 22: Life Teammate Presentation Marist High Parents
  8. APR 14: Will To Live Night – Northview High Baseball 
  9. April 19: Life Teammates Presentation – Woodward Academy Parents 8:45AM
  10. April 19L Life Teammates Presentation – Woodward Academy Parents 6:30PM
  11. April 20th: Life Teammates Presentation – Woodward Academy 6th Grade Students 8:45AM
  12. May 6th: Northwestern University Baseball Life Teammates speech and award presentation
  13. May 8th: Barrington High School Life Teammates Scholarship Presentation
  14. May 12th: Northside Hospital (Atlanta) Life Teammates Speech
  15. May: Life Teammates Presentation: Wake Forest Athletics
  16. Sep 13: Life Teammate Presentations at Bellingham High School (MA) 8am-10am
  17. Sep 13: Life Teammate Presentation at Blackstone-Millville (MA) Regional High School
  18. Sep: 14: Life Teammate Presentation to Students at Hopedale High School (MA) 8:30 and 10am
  19. Sep 14: Life Teammate Presentation to Faculty at Hopedale High (MA) 2:30pm
  20. Sep 14: Life Teammate parents presentation Hopedale, MA (3 school districts): 6:30pm
  21. Sep 17th: Chattanooga Lookouts / Life Teammates Homers For Hope Initiative benefitting the Chattanooga Out of the Darkness Walk
  22. Sep 28: Healing The Healers / Northside Foundation presentation to Will To Live 9am
  23. Oct: 14th NATIONAL LIFE TEAMMATES DAY  –  Will To Live’s very own day!
  24. Oct 16th: Unicom Engineering Charity Golf Outing honoring charities including Will To Live
  25. Oct 20th: Will To Live and Lumate Webinar/Public Seminar 
  26. Oct 27: St. Pius High Life Teammates speech to the student body
  27. Oct 30th: St. Pius High Parents Presentation 7pm



  • JAN 26: Chattahoochee High Girls Lacrosse Life Teammates Speech 
  • FEB 4: 12th Annual Where There’s  A Will There’s A Way 5K – Pause – Breathe – Continue
  • FEB 24: NVHS Swim and Dive Life Teammate Scholarship Presentation
  • MAR 20: YMSL Centennial Life Teammates Presentation
  • MAR 25: Will To Live – Life Teammates Night at Northview High’s Will To Live Park baseball game
  • MAR 26: The Summit Gala Event- Life Teammates Keynote speech
  • MAR 28: FCA Creekside Church Life Teammates Speech – S. Forsythe High School
  • MAR 29: Life Teammate Scholarship presentation NVHS mens and women’s basketball teams
  • APR 1: Crawfish For A Cause – Fundraiser for Mental Health Awareness – Annual Crawfish Bowl – Steady Hand Beer Co 1611 Ellsworth Ind. Blvd NW Unit F, Atlanta
  • APR 10: Life Teammates Zoom Presentation for Phi Mu sorority at Kennesaw State University 
  • APR 18: Life Teammates Presentation to Johns Creek Scout Troop 2000- JCPC , Johns Creek, GA 
  • APR 28:  Presentation of The Ron and Linda Wellman Life Teammate Scholarship to Wake Forest University Athletics 
  • MAY 13: Northwestern Baseball Life Teammates Award Presentation – Evanston, IL 
  • MAY: Life Teammates Scholarship Awards Presentation (LTSAP): Northview Women’s Lacrosse
  • MAY: LTSAP: Northview: Boys and Girls Soccer
  • MAY; LTSAP: Northview Baseball
  • MAY: LTSAP: S Forsythe Baseball
  • MAY: LTSAP: Centennial Men’s Lacrosse
  • MAY: LTSAP: Denmark Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • MAY: LTSAP: Northview Men’s and Women’s Basketball 
  • MAY: Life Teammates Speech: Johns Creek Women’s Lacrosse 
  • SEP 7 : Unicom Engineering Golf Tourney Fundraiser LT Speech
  • SEP 15: Woodward Academy Parents Life Teammate Presentation
  • SEP 19: UMJC Golf Fundraiser
  • SEP 23: Chattahoochee High Club WTL Speech
  • SEP 24: Orkin Foundation – Movie Night on The Green Speech
  • SEP 29: Covery Company Town Hall Speech
  • OCT 3: Mt. Vernon School Life Teammate Speech
  • OCT 14: Will To Live Life Teammates Night at Rollins College Women’s Lacrosse
  • OCT 15th: 12th Anniversary of Will Trautwein’s passing “Kick off Year 13 Virtual Presentation”
  • OCT 17: Northview High Faculty Life Teammates Presentation
  • OCT 26: Northview High Student Body Life Teammates Presentation
  • OCT 27: Northview High Parents Night Life Teammates Presentation 
  • NOV 10: NVHS Cross Country Life Teammate Scholar Presentation
  • NOV 13: St Brigid Church – Life Teammates Presentation
  • NOV 17: Fairfield-Warde High School Life Teammate  Presentation
  • NOV 17: Fairfield-Ludlowe High School Life Teammate Presentation
  • NOV 17: Green Field Hill Congregational Teen Group, Fairfield, CT 
  • NOV 17: Town of Westport Town Hall Life Teammate Presentation, Westport, CT
  • NOV 18: Fairfield, CT Rotary Club Presentation & Breakfast 
  • NOV 29: Lovett School, Atlanta, Parents presentation
  • NOV 29: Lovett School Atlanta, High School Student Body Presentation
  • DEC 2: Northview High Football banquet Life Teammate Award Presentation

John Trautwein Delivers Life Teammate Award Presentation at

Wake Forest Athletics’ Black & Gold Awards!


  • Feb 27: Atlanta Athletic Club- Jr Golf Life Teammates Speech
  • March 29: Hayden Hurst Family Foundation Golf Tournament Sponsor/Speech
  • April 25th: Phi Mu Sorority Life Teammates Speech KSU
  • May 8th: Where There’s A Will There’s A Way 5K – running For Ryan Speech
  • May 14-20: Life Teammates Speech Northview baseball
  • May 14-20 Life Teammates Speech Northview Lacrosse
  • May 14-20 Life Teammate Speech Northview Fine Arts
  • May 20: Life Teammates Speech Jamie McHenry foundation – Centennial Lacrosse
  • May 16: Life Teammates Speech Chattahoochee Lacrosse
  • May 20: Titos Life Teammates in the Corporate World Speech
  • May 21: LoveSpeaks Interview with Sally Lou Loveman, Chicago, IL
  • May 24: S. Forsythe High Baseball Life Teammates
  • May 26: Johnson & Johnson Corporate Life Teammates Speech
  • May 28: Life Teammates Speech Northwestern University Baseball
  • June 1: Ron and Linda Wellman Life Teammates Award, Wake Forest University
  • June 22: FCA Alpharetta Life Teammates Speech
  • Aug 7: Laurel Springs Charity Golf Outing
  • Aug 24th: FCIAC Leadership Conference, Fairfield, CT – Life Teammate Award
  • Aug 30: JCUMC Christopher Carlton Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Sep 23: Sunglass Hut Employee Life Teammates Presentation (Virtual)
  • Sep 3o: Life Teammates Speech Catlow Theater, Barrington IL
  • Oct 1: WTL Barrington High Reunion Golf Outing
  • Oct 14: Life Teammates Day
  • Oct 16: Eden Prarie High School – WTL event for DECA (powderpuff Football fundraiser)
  • Nov 4: Fairfield CT Grenfield Hill Congregational Church Life Teammates Presentation
  • Nov 4: Fairfield Ward High School Presentation, Fairfield CT
  • Nov 5: CIAC Athletic Directors Life Teammates Presentation, Fairfield, CT
  • Nov 5: Ward PTA presentation
  • Nov 9: 6:30PM Alpharetta High School Parent Presentation

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Spreading a message of Love, Hope & The Will To Live to kids, teams, schools, churches, Bands, Scouting, Youth Groups, Universities, and Major Corporations either live or virtual, John’s message of Love and Hope have inspired people of all ages to be better teammates!


A Positive Message About The Power We Have To Deliver Hope To Each Other!

Positive Message

View The Life Teammates Speech to Wake Forest University Student Athletes

See John’s Speech at The Acclaimed Nantucket Project Event -September 2019

“At my son’s funeral, when I saw the love and support from my own “high school” friends, I realized right then what this foundation would be about. We would work hard to get the teens and young adults of our communities to realize that the greatest friends that we meet in our lives, are those that we “learn about life with.” Those that we experience our ‘firsts’ with. Those friends that we meet as teenagers – let’s understand that – let’s recognize that – let’s rejoice in that – and let’s use that fact to always reach out to each other and not be afraid to say “I love ya man” to each other. Teammates who understand each other have the ability to create a culture where “It’s OK to not be OK”

Equally and perhaps even more importantly, to not be afraid to say “Hey Man, I’m hurting. That’s what my speeches are all about. They are always honest, positive, motivating and full of hope – with a goal to teach kids (and adults) to recognize we have the power to Deliver Hope to each other!”

– John Trautwein, President and Co-Founder of The Will To Live Foundation