Life Teammates Scholarship History


The Life Teammates® Award & Scholarship

The Will To Live Foundation, Inc., in keeping with its mission, its principles and its motto of “For the Kids, Through the Kids, By the Kids,” is very pleased to announce the “Life Teammates Award & Scholarship.”

John and Susie, Trautwein, the co-founders of the Will To Live Foundation, created this award when writing the original by-laws of the Will To Live Foundation, and now the award is going to over 25 Students at Northview High School each year.  By the end of 2023, the foundation will have granted over 240 Life Teammates Scholarships to students in high schools and colleges in Atlanta as well as colleges in Illinois (Northwestern University) and North Carolina (Wake Forest University).

“Each year since the foundation began we’ve been able to spread this program not only into additional sports at Northview, but also into the fine arts programs as well.  Over the past 4 years, we’ve begun the program at other schools as well.  With each scholarship – with each vote we have the opportunity to positive effect more students, teachers,, coaches and families with our very positive Life Teammates® message.  It’s great to see how well received it’s been” – John Trautwein

Each winner, a senior men’s or woman’s team member from sports teams, music, theater and drama, orchestra and band and cheerleaders is presented with a beautiful Life Teammates glass trophy and a scholarship to put towards their college tuition for their freshman year!


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More About The Life Teammate Scholarship Award

The Award & Scholarship Criteria

Who Votes: The Kids – For the kids, through the kids by the kids”

Each Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior student is to make one vote for one Senior member of that specific program at the school. For example, Baseball votes for one senior baseball player,  Womens’ lacrosse votes for one senior girls lacrosse player, The Orchestra, band and theater groups also vote for one senior member, and so on.

Who Wins The Award?

The Life Teammate Award & Scholarship is reserved for that Senior student, voted by his and her teammates and/or club mates not only on the varsity program but also the teammates at all levels – freshman through seniors. The students vote on their senior Life Teammate who truly embodies the spirit of what a Life Teammate is and best exemplifies the following Life Teammate characteristics:

  • Is a leader on and off the field, court, stage, etc.
  • Understands his or her role as a leader before, during  & after the game or event, whether it be on the field, on the sidelines, the bus or the locker room.
  • This person is an ambassador of not only the program and the team, but of the game itself.
  • The person is respected by his and her peers, coaches, teachers and parents as well as teammates.
  • This person motivates and inspires and cares for the younger members of the programs.
  • Displays true care for his or her teammates – always putting “team above self” while trying hard to help struggling teammates find the good – on and off the field.
  • Loves the game – Loves being on the team!

Click Here for more information about the Will To Live Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.