2014-2015 Life Teammates Scholarship Award Winners

Will To Live Foundation Honors 19 Scholars for ’14-’15!

An Award that is truly “For the kids, through the kids, by the kids”

Each winner is awarded a $1k scholarship for tuition of freshman year – and the beautiful Life Teammates Trophy above. This Years Winners:

  1. Bryce Jones: Baseball (Univ. S. Carolina)
  2. Emily Pierce: Volleyball (GA State Univ)
  3. Abbey Rice: Volleyball
  4. Ricky O’Connor: Cross Country (GA State Univ)
  5. Lindsey Moon: Cross Country
  6. Lindsey Moon: Basketball
  7. Aaron Thompson: Basketball (Columbia Univ)
  8. Kyle Craig: Swimming (Univ Kentucky)
  9. Emily Yang: Swimming
  10. Tai Lum: Wrestling
  11. Deibyd Contreras: Soccer
  12. Alie Ciaciura: Soccer
  13. Matt Reny: Lacrosse
  14. Tori Josselson: Lacrosse
  15. Peter Pyun: Band
  16. Taylor Sphuler: Orchestra
  17. Josette LoScalzo: Cheerleading
  18. Mohammed Wehbe: Theater 
  19. Clay French: Football

 Congratulations to each winner of the 2015 Life Teammate Scholarship award – You have been recognized by your peers!  Always remember a compliment from a teammate means so much more than a compliment from a coach!   We know you’ll be great ambassadors of the Will to Live Foundation as you begin this exciting new phase of your lives! Read more about the Life Teammates Scholarship program.


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