President George H. W. Bush’s Daily Point Of Light Award Honors Will-To-Live


Since The Will To Live Foundation was formed in late 2010, it  has continually committed itself to achieving its overall mission of working with and through the kids of our communities, always encouraging them to recognize the true love that exists in their lives today in the form of their friends and Life Teammates. As a result, the Foundation hopes that these young adults will improve not only their communication with each other, but in turn, their Will To Live.

Point Of Light AwardAfter hundreds and hundreds of speeches to kids, parents, coaches and teachers – along with several annual events and fund raisers organized by the kids – the Foundation’s founders, John and Susie Trautwein, have recently been awarded President George H.W. Bush’s Daily Point of Light Award.

“I can’t express how honored we are to receive this award” says John Trautwein, who along with his wife Susie, began the Will To Live Foundation after the tragic suicide death of their oldest child then 15 year old Will Trautwein, in October of 2010. “Our work with these teens and young adults has been so rewarding and gratifying to us. Just seeing kids reach out to each other saying “Love ya man” and letting each other know they are there for each other through the good and bad times, is really all the recognition we really need. Receiving this award, however, simply adds such a special touch to Will’s legacy and the work his friends and family have done to improve the Will To Live of kids everywhere.”

john-and-susieSusie Trautwein quickly points out who this award really belongs to – the kids; “We are so impressed by the young adults that we have met through the foundation. They are living in such a difficult world, with pressures surrounding them at such young ages, whether they be athletic, academic or social. It’s so great to see how they have come togther to promote our “Life Teammates” concept and being there for each other – they are the true recipients of the Point of Light Award”

An Award For The Kids, Through The Kids, By The Kids!

Point Of Light Letter

The Will To Live Foundation, is a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.

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