The Will To Live Foundation® Teams Up “For The Kids” With Fulton County Schools in 2012!


The Will To Live Foundation is very pleased to be working closely with the administrators of The Fulton County School District here in GA, and Screening for Mental Health, the Massachusetts based nonprofit that created the nationally recognized SOS Signs of Suicide program, to put together a training program for Fulton County Schools in 2012.

screening_for_mental_health_logoAs a result of the wonderful response to the Foundation’s cause and mission, and the generous donations over the past year from supporters all over the world, we are so pleased to be able to fund this program that is dedicated to training both the Fulton County Schools’ child counseling professionals as well as the general faculty throughout 2012. Teen suicide is an epidemic that can be prevented through education and awareness.

“Over the past 12 months our foundation has worked so hard to create an environment for the kids of our communities that enables them to better communicate with each other and help them to recognize the ‘good’ in life” says John Trautwein, who founded the Will To Live Foundation with his wife Susie; “…coupling our work with the kids with this wonderful program with the educators of Fulton County Schools really enables the Foundation to achieve its goals of utilizing the generous donations and contributions received to provide a better and more educated environment in which our kids can thrive. We at The Will to Live Foundation would like to thank Fulton County and Screening For Mental Health for their continued efforts to help improve the lives of the kids in our community.”

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